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2019 Co-author (with Simon Forge, Colin Blackman and Erik Bohlen) of "A Light Deployment Regime for Small-Area Wireless Access Points (SAWAPs)" - for the European Commission
  License value estimates for upcoming auctions organized by Thailand's National Broadcasting and Telecom Council
2017 Associate Manager, Grant Thornton Advisory - helping the Republic of Georgia harmonise their electronic media laws with European norms for accession to the European Union
2016 Subcontractor for the Stiftelsen Institute for Management of Innovation and Technology (Sweden) producing a study for the European Commission on fixed/mobile convergence, harmonised Quality of Service standards and coverage requirements for next generation broadband networks (SMART 2016-0046)
2015 Roaming Consultant, International Telecommunication Union, Regional Office for Africa: author of a case study on East Africa's One Network Area
2015 Secretary of the Open Spectrum Alliance
2015 Teaching a fall semester course for journalism students on "Digital Tools for New Media," Anglo-American University, Prague
2015 Panelist, Critical Communications World, Barcelona, Spain (21 May)
2015 Co-author (with Simon Forge) of "Europe Considers Commercial LTE", Radio Resource International (April issue), pages 28-33
2014 Organizer of "Open Spectrum Week" at the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung (State College of Design), Karlsruhe, Germany (8-12 December), including 3 lectures, a film screening and 2 hands-on workshops.
2014 Co-author (with Simon Forge and Colin Blackman), Is Commercial Cellular Suitable for Mission Critical Broadband?, report for the European Commission's Radio Spectrum Policy Unit
2014 Guest speaker at the ETSI-3GPP Plenary (17 June), Sophia-Antipolis, France
2013 "Geo-Database Management of White Space vs Open Spectrum" - opening chapter of TV White Spaces: A Pragmatic Approach, edited by Ermanno Pietrosomoli and Marco Zennaro (Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics).
2013 Co-author (with Colin Blackman and Simon Forge), "Liberating Europe's radio spectrum through shared access," info, Volume 15, Issue 2, pages 91-101.
2012 Co-author (with Simon Forge and Colin Blackman), Perspectives on the Value of Shared Spectrum Access, report for European Commission's Radio Spectrum Policy Unit.
2012 "Authorizations and License Exemptions" - presented at the International Spectrum Congress, Bogotá, Colombia (16 August).
2012 Keynote speaker ("ASA/LSA: Europe's New Opening for Cognitive Radio"), European Wireless Innovation Forum, Brussels, Belgium (28 June).
2012 "Perspectives on the Value of Shared Spectrum Access" - presented at the Middle East Spectrum Conference, Manama, Bahrain (21 March).
2011 Workshop for African radio engineers on Open Spectrum at the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy (6 April).
2011 "Innovative New Technologies: Policies to Maximise the Potential of the Wireless Sector" - presented at the Middle East Spectrum Conference, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (29-30 March).
2010 Panelist at the 5th Annual European Spectrum Management Conference, Brussels, Belgium (22-24 June).
2010 Workshop on "Opening India's Spectrum" at the Center for Internet and Society, Bangalore, India (14 January).
2009 Panelist ("Spectrum 2.0") and solo presentation on "Opening the Terahertz Frontier" at the Emerging Communications Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands (30 October).
2009 "Meeting the Needs of the Unlicenced Sector" – presented at the Middle East Spectrum Conference, Muscat, Oman (29-30 September).
2008 "Unlicensed Services and the Digital Dividend" – presented at the European Digital Dividend Conference, Brussels, Belgium (4-5 March).
2008 "A Stormy Future for Spectrum Management" - powerpoint presentation and discussion at the Chamber of Commerce in Milano, Italy (17 January). "Marconi's Legacy: National Sovereignty Claims in Radio" presented at the First COMMUNIA workshop on "Technology and the Public Domain," NEXA Center for Internet and Society at Torino Polytechnic (18 January).
2007-2008 Author of the "View from Europe" column in the weekly Wireless Government Report, published by the Wireless Internet Institute
2007 Moderator of the mayors and CIOs panel on "Regulation, Funding and Strategy" at the 2nd annual Wireless & Digital Cities Congress, 27 September in Cannes, France.
2007 "Spectrum Reform: Too Much is Not Enough" - paper presented at the London School of Economics, 6 July, as part of a workshop on "Spectrum Reform in the UK: Has All the Thinking Now Been Done?" organized by the Warwick School of Business' Centre for Management under Regulation.
2007 "Licence Exempt Studies Hold Global Lessons," published in the May issue of PolicyTracker, pages 10-11, on the results of Ofcom's year-long program of research into the economics and technology of licence-exempt radio.
2007 Presenter, Workshop on "Economic Mechanisms for Spectrum Management," International Telecommunication Union, Geneva, Switzerland, 21-22 January. Background paper and powerpoint presentation available from the ITU website.
2006 Workshop on Radio Spectrum Management for RATEL, Serbia's Regulatory Agency for Telecommunications, Belgrade (7-8 November)
2006 Seminar Leader, "Conversion of Military Radio Frequencies to Civilian Use," Center for Strategic Research, Moscow, Russian Federation, 20 June 2006. Click here for the spoken text in English, here for the Russian-language slides.
2006 Panelist, European Commission seminar on "Collective Use of Radio Spectrum," Brussels, Belgium, 27 April. Presented paper - "Some Possibly Useful Heresies" - available from the EC website.
2004- Founder and Executive Director, Stichting Open Spectrum (the Open Spectrum Foundation, in English), a nonprofit research and educational project registered in the Netherlands which promotes license-free public access to the radio spectrum, particularly in developing countries. See
2003 Seminar Leader, "Diplomacy and Cyberspace," a 4-day program at the Italian Diplomatic Institute in Rome (23- 27 June) to prepare diplomats from Eastern Europe for the first World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). Organized by the UN Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and the UN Department for Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA).
2002-2003Regulatory Resource Consultant, Dot-COM Alliance – a USAID-funded program of support for telecom policy reform in developing countries. Responsible for Dot-COM's private online regulatory resource library, research support for Dot-COM consultants in Southern Africa, launching Dot-COM's first project in Romania, etc.
2001-2004Field Manager, Global Internet Policy Initiative (a joint project of the Internews Network and the Center for Democracy & Technology) - hiring and supervising Internet Policy Advocates, writing grant proposals and quarterly/annual reports, representing GIPI in international meetings and forums, editing/writing GIPI's Internet policy blog. Author of the first published "e-readiness assessments" for Albania, Bosnia-Hercegovina and Serbia. Member of: OECD's E-government Advisory Group; the UN Economic Commission for Europe's "Team of Specialists in Internet Enterprise Development" and the Stability Pact's eSEEurope Working Group.
1995-7International Coordinator, Open Society Institute's Internet Program - coordinating the development of the Soros Foundations' Internet sites; evaluating grant applications; helping connect countries to the Internet and expanding public access in countries already connected; liaison with the European Commission's ICT Partnership and the Central & East European Networking Association (CEENET); co-organizer of CEENET's 1996 training workshop for national academic/research network managers; providing security and technical information and backup support to Soros office IT administrators; etc.
1995Convener, European Colloquium of News Agencies - the first Europe-wide meeting of news agency executives, attended by representatives of 37 agencies (Prague, 10-15 March). Co-sponsored by the Reuters Foundation and the Open Society Institute.
1993-7Project Manager, ZaMir Transnational Network - establishing and managing an email and computer bulletin-board system for humanitarian organizations, peace activists and journalists in Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Serbia and Slovenia, under a $70,000 grant from the US National Endowment for Democracy (see the final project report for details).
1992-5Electronic Media Consultant, Open Society Institute - helping the Soros foundation offices in former Communist countries support the development of independent journalism and broadcasting. Selected activities: setting up the Media Program's first office in Central/Eastern Europe; advising the parliaments of Czechoslovakia and Hungary on media legislation; helping the Soros foundations evaluate and award grants to new radio stations; building the BBC Radio Journalism School's studio in Bucharest; ordering equipment for grantees; organizing news-exchanges among radio stations, etc.
1993-5Co-Founder and Director of Information Systems, Transnational News Agency (TransNews) - a satellite-based daily video news exchange for TV networks in the former Communist countries. The members of TransNews were: Czech Television, Polish Television, Ostankino, Russian Television, TV Romania and Bulgarian TV.
1992Director of Radio Activities, Center for Independent Journalism, Prague – a project co-sponsored by the Charter-77 Foundation and the New York Times.
1989-91Radio Consultant, Internews – researcher and co-author of a preliminary "needs assessment" for the US Government for the transformation of broadcasting in Central/Eastern Europe after the end of communism.
1991Author, The Local Radio Handbook - published and distributed by Internews; translated into Armenian, Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian, Macedonian, Romanian and Russian.
1987-90Executive Secretary, Association of North American Radio Clubs - spokesman and lobbyist for 18 radio clubs in Canada and the United States; preparing Congressional testimony; filing comments at the Federal Communication Commission; liaison with other wireless groups.
1986-7Organizer of "The Woodpecker Project" - a global network to monitor radio-interference caused by high power radars in Russia; wrote the project's final report and presented it at the 1987 World Administrative Radio Conference in Geneva. Project findings also published in the Proceedings of EMC Expo 1988 (International Conference on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Washington, DC USA).
1986-7Editor of "Backscatter," a quarterly newsletter about over-the-horizon radar
1982-7Washington correspondent, Radio Netherlands World Service – reporting on radio spectrum politics and telecom law developments in Congress and at the FCC.
1983-1986FBIS editor, Review of International Broadcasting.
1982-1985"Below 30 MHz" editor, Radio Communications Monitoring Association
1982-1985Assistant moderator, Compuserve's "HamNet Forum"
1975-82Lecturer, Department of Special Studies, Rhode Island School of Design – teaching courses on the history of electronic media.
KEY QUALIFICATIONS: extensive writing/editing experience and knowledge of media history; frequent visitor to the Balkans region since 1979; deeply involved in media development in Central & Eastern Europe after 1989; helped bring the Internet to several countries.